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What is the best course to become a Yoga Instructor?

Updated: Apr 17

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Well I would of course say our Classical Yoga School is the best course in the UK 😊 I can say that with my hand on my heart as I know how good our brilliant, experienced, knowledgeable, thoughtful, caring tutoring teams are in Perth, Addlestone, Surrey and Glasgow.

Plus I also know how many inspiring CYS trained yoga teachers there are – around 900 of them since we began in 2003 including - Jaime Amor of, Serena Dell Yoga in Camberley, Surrey; Jo Lockhart’s in Glasgow, Anthea Simpson’s, Paul Gibson’s, Mo Still in Aberdeenshire, Lynette Greenaway in the South of England; and so many more. All very successful and great yoga teachers running their own studios and organisations.

June Mitchell, CYS Course Director

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