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Read the Experience of Past Students of the CYS Yoga Teacher Training Course in our Scotland and Surrey Locations

"Phenomenal course, simply incredible teachers.  Highly, highly recommend."
n, Perth

"I cannot recommend June enough as an encouraging and inspiring YTT trainer."
Sarah, Fife


“The journey the course takes you on is stimulating and highly motivational and is more than a ‘yoga teaching course’. I left every weekend feeling refreshed, energised and excited about my new career as a Yoga Teacher. If you are serious about your own personal development and abilities as a yoga teacher THIS IS the course." 

Sara, Surrey


“This is an amazing course delivered with love by fantastic teachers."

Archie, Glasgow


“The course was both absorbing and challenging and, for me, life-changing. The tutors were very supportive and nurturing, ensuring a steady progression. A year well spent!”

Clara, Perth


“I spent a long time searching for the right yoga course and, after a year learning so much more than just the basics of teaching yoga, I am so happy that this is the course I chose. I would highly recommend it to anyone wishing to gain knowledge of the true meaning of yoga."

Sharon, Edinburgh


“An exceptionally good yoga course. The standard of teaching and wealth of knowledge from the tutors is first class. The quality of all the other specialist speakers was of a very high calibre. The overall course is fully comprehensive in both theory and practical aspects, enabling you to feel ready to teach yoga straight after the course. A life changing year!”

Emma, Glasgow


“This is the most fantastic teacher training course. Comprehensive, supportive and the very best start for anyone wanting to teach Yoga in an ethical, holistic and safe way, improving the lives of all who get involved. Thanks to June Mitchell and everyone who continues to strive to make it so. I am eternally grateful.”

Serena, Surrey


“I learned so much over the course of the 12 months and developed not only as a teacher but also as a person. June and the other tutors were always there to support and encourage us. Life-changing stuff!

Bettine, Caithness


“The course opened doors on subjects I knew little or nothing about, expanding my horizons. We are extremely well prepared to teach with all the practical elements. The support of the tutors as well as from the other students, is invaluable and does not stop at the end of the course. Hope it brings you as much as it did me.”

Alex, Glasgow


“For all of the work that I am involved with now as a yoga teacher, this teacher training most certainly opened my eyes and my heart to the practice of yoga. It not only served as my foundation but I became more curious about how I become a teacher, how to be in service to others under the lineage and traditions of yoga. The work on the training is understandably thorough. June has this unique way of imparting her many, many years of knowledge. Changed everything for me. Positively. I still from time to time look back on my course work and get those ‘Ah ha’ moments that June talked about only a few years ago. I owe this course a huge amount of gratitude.”

Lynette, Berkshire


“Fantastic course covering a wide and varied selection of topics relating to yoga. Also includes some hugely informative and inspirational lectures from guest tutors; stimulating not only from a teaching perspective, but also in self practice.”

Janice, Glasgow


“I found the CYS Teacher Training an enlightening and enriching experience! The course was well structured, encompassing a wide range of topics which support and enhance the study of yoga. The visiting tutors were highly knowledgeable in their fields of expertise and presented interesting and thought-provoking workshops and lectures throughout the year. June’s teaching was inspired and inspiring and led us on an exploration of the richness of the yoga tradition, a dynamic journey of spiritual enquiry and physical challenges which contributed greatly to our personal growth. I feel privileged to have been part of this first group of students and recommend the course wholeheartedly.”

Ilse, Perthshire


“I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It was very informative in many aspects. Doing this course has changed my life and it’s fantastic. Thank you for a great year.”

Julie, Berkshire


“Best course I have ever done in my life.”

Lilli, Berkshire


“It has been an amazing year, going from someone with a great interest in yoga to finding I have qualified as a yoga teacher. The course was interesting, challenging and ultimately fulfilling, giving a broad range of instruction and has certainly shown me a way forward.”

Ann B, Perth


“This is an excellent course for anyone who would like to teach yoga or further their knowledge in this area. It proved to not only be informative, but extremely inspiring.”

Jenny, Glasgow


“A wonderful, life changing l2 months. The course has given me a strong, confident foundation from which to teach yoga. Truly inspirational teachers, especially June and Judi.”

Linda, Glasgow


“I have found the teacher training an amazing journey of learning and personal growth. I have especially enjoyed reading the ancient yoga teachings as they have helped me understand myself and others at a much deeper level, as well as giving me tools to deal with the ups and downs of life.”

Rachel, Perthshire


“I just want you to know what a truly wonderful, life changing experience this has been for me. I’ve not only enjoyed the course enormously but it’s had a hugely beneficial impact on all aspects of my life. You have put together such an excellent programme. After every weekend I came away enriched in body, mind and soul with so much to reflect on. You personally June create such a warm and compassionate space to learn in – and your own passion for yoga is totally infectious. From the bottom of my heart – thank you.”

Sarah, Perthshire


“This course has been truly inspiring. I gained so much more than a teaching qualification both physically and spiritually. Sign up – you won’t regret it.”

Elaine, Dundee


“It’s been such a fabulous year learning so much from you, I never dreamed this time 18 months ago I would have had such a wonderful opportunity and come so far. Can’t thank you enough.”

Lou, Berkshire


“I had a wonderful weekend last week, a great climax to such a fulfilling year. I left full of enthusiasm to start my own classes. I can’t thank you and your team enough for such a fabulous foundation to my yoga teaching. I’ll miss you all greatly.”

Diane, Edinburgh


“It is very challenging to summarise in few words what this course has meant to me. It has deepened my own practice and my understanding of what yoga is about at such level that I will repeat the words I was given by one of the graduates of the previous year when I asked her if it was worth doing: ‘It is the best thing I have ever done in my life.”

Patricia, Glasgow


“During the CYS teacher training year I learnt so much about my own practice – both on and off the mat – which has developed my passion for yoga and inspired me to start teaching others. I would recommend the course to anyone who is considering it. You’ll get the chance to learn from fantastic teachers; both the course leaders and guest teachers on different types of asana, meditation, yoga philosophy and more. It provides a great basis for starting your yoga teaching journey.”

Lucy, Glasgow


“Hello Judi! Hope all is well! Yesterday was quite a day and I wanted to thank you for being one of the key enablers that got me there. I finally taught my first paid yoga outreach class – a group of supported learning kids at Ayrshire College, mainly Autistic and Aspergers. One lovely thing was that the assistants said they had NEVER seen the kids as calm as peaceful and quiet as during and after relaxation. So, huge thank you for kicking me into some semblance of a Yoga teacher.”

Carlo, Glasgow


“The CYS Teacher Training course improved every aspect of my yoga practice – deepening my understanding of yoga as a ‘whole life’ discipline and inviting reflection on what that means for me as a student and teacher. The whole CYS team are fabulous, offering guidance and support to students during and after the course. If you’re thinking about taking Yoga Teacher Training, you truly couldn’t wish for a better route to realising your ambition.”

Claire, Glasgow

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