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How much do yoga instructors get paid?

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

CYS Yoga Instructor Training

It can vary a lot and depends on whether you are being paid by a health club/gym/local authority or hiring a hall or being paid by a yoga studio. A yoga studio will usually give you a decent fee but health clubs are notoriously stingy with their payments – sometimes as little as £20-30 per class which is nowhere near the value of a good yoga teacher.

If you are hiring a hall and doing good promoting of your class/es, you can earn very good money as a yoga teacher. For instance, this morning I had 17 people at my Thursday morning class in Perth. The cost to hire our spacious studio is £22 for a morning session; 17 students averaging £8 per person (that includes some reduced concessionary rates)= £136 less £22 hall hire; so net £114 which is pretty good for an hour and a quarter class, plus some set up and clearing away time.

June Mitchell, CYS Course Director

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