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Difficulties in life can bring us strength, empathy, compassion and understanding

Life is difficult

This is a great truth.

One of the greatest truths.

It is a great truth because once

we truly see this truth, we transcend it.

Once we truly know that life is difficult

once we truly understand and accept it

then life is no longer difficult.

Because once it is accepted,

the fact that life is difficult no longer matters.

M Scott Peck ‘The Road Less Travelled’

I love this quotation from M Scott Peck’s book and bring it to mind regularly. It makes sense and stops us fighting against the moment and creating inner conflict.

Deepak Chopra also tells us to fully accept the moment; not to resist it as in resisting the moment, we are resisting the energy of the Universe. He also says we can let our intentions for the future out ‘in the space between our thoughts’. Wonderful.

To find the space between our thoughts, we need to be still, to spend time in meditation whether that be sitting peacefully in a special place at home or being still by calm water, in the woods, on a hillside, wherever you are able to be in the moment.

June Mitchell

21 August 2023

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