Graduate Testimonials

‘I found the course stretched my capabilities in all ways and directions. For me, the benchmark of a good course – thanks June’
Patricia, Hampshire

‘Great course – thoroughly recommended to anyone wishing to discover more about yoga and themselves. Lovely teachers, interesting course material, all delivered in a way that was easy to understand – thank you so much.’
Kerry, Surrey

‘The CYS Yoga Teacher Training course was a truly wonderful experience. The CYS team and their helpers offered a comprehensive and well-developed course which covered all aspects of yoga, and much more besides. The weekends became the highlight of each month and never failed to inspire and motivate me for what lies ahead
Helen, Kent

‘Self affirming and life changing – thank you.
Sinead, Glasgow

‘Where to start! The course greatly improved my practice, changed my outlook on life …. AND gave me the skills and confidence to teach. Many thanks to the CYS team for a wonderful year – I wish I could do it all again this year!
Nicola, Stirling

‘The CYS teacher training course has changed my outlook on life and given me new direction. My life is enriched and my family extended!’
Karen, Glasgow

‘Reflecting on my year at the CYS Yoga School, I have to say that it enlightened me with a wealth of spiritual, anatomical and holistic knowledge of yoga. The tutors and people on the course were inspirational, I could do it all again!
Carla, Hamilton

‘The course is one of the best decisions I have ever made. The selection and variety of teachers was so informative, but as well inspiring. It gives you a great foundation to build and grow with on your personal journey.’
Holly, Aberdeen

‘My year with CYS has given me the tools to deepen and broaden my understanding and love of yoga. The steady progression through the course also helped build up slowly the knowledge and confidence to share and teach yoga with others.’
Mo, Aberdeen

‘Fantastic course; so good I have come back as a helper this year. I have learnt so much and it is just the beginning of my journey.
Lorraine, Bucks

‘The course has been fantastic and brought me back to who I lost. The teachers are inspirational and I am growing daily from the experience. Thank you so much.
Camilla, Weybridge

‘I would recommend the course to anyone who is looking for a deeper understanding of yoga, both physically and spiritually. You are taken on a journey which allows you to see life and the world in a different light.
Kirstin, Dumfries and Galloway

Excellent course
Julie, Edinburgh

Definitely one of the best years of my life
Claire, Glasgow

‘I was looking for a course to expand my knowledge of yoga from the purely physical into the philosophical. What I got was that, and so much more. Not only did we learn about the diversity of a complete yogic life-style but we also touched on areas peripheral to yoga such as TCM, Tai Chi, NLP, and more. It helped a great deal to have such passionate and lovely teachers and a wonderful year group.
Sue, Berkshire

‘Quite simply one of the best things I’ve done, with some of the best teachers I’ve come across. I didn’t want it to end!
Jo, Glasgow

Outstanding – They have also assembled a crack team of visiting tutors and class assistants who further add to the learning experience. Applying for this course was one of the best decisions I’ve made!!
John, Inverness

‘A fantastic course – a great overall teaching of yoga. A life experience as well as a learning.
Angela, Glasgow

‘I found the course to be very interesting and an overall valuable learning experience about both practice and study of yoga and life in general – and look forward to the journey of teaching ahead of me.
Lynsey, Glasgow

‘I found the course truly inspirational and I am thankful to all the tutors who have helped me begin my yoga journey – I thoroughly recommend the course to others.
Fiona, Perthshire

‘Great course – challenging, varied and stimulating – with a fantastic bunch of people!
Anne, Aberdeenshire


‘I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It was very informative in many aspects. Doing this course has changed my life and it’s fantastic. Thank you for a great year.
Julie, Berkshire

‘Best course I have ever done in my life.
Lilli, Berkshire

‘The journey the course takes you on is stimulating and highly motivational and is more than a ‘yoga teaching course’. I left every weekend feeling refreshed, energised and excited about my new career as a Yoga Teacher. If you are serious about your own personal development and abilities as a yoga teacher THIS IS the course.
Sara, Surrey

‘I completed the CYS Yoga School training course in August 2006 and what a wonderful, stimulating, enlightening year it was! The course is so well balanced, preparing you to teach on all levels, spiritually as well as practically. The support from course tutors and ex-students is fantastic and ongoing. The emphasis on developing your own potential and practice in an informed and encouraging environment with excellent tutors and internationally-renowned teachers, makes this course something special. I was so grateful to have had the opportunity to complete it and I loved every minute!
Caroline, Glasgow

The course for me has been life-changing. It not only teaches you about yoga but also includes a variety of topics which I have found useful in everyday life. I will always be grateful for the support and knowledge I have gained from June and Julie.
Morag, Fife

‘A brilliant course – met so many new friends and like-minded people. Highly recommended –the complete yoga experience!!
Susie, Aberdeen

‘Recommended to anyone who wishes to deepen their understanding of yoga and gain an excellent, rounded understanding of yoga and supporting disciplines to teach. Also extremely enjoyable!
Kenny, Glasgow

This course is without doubt, inspirational. All its tutors possess considerable experience and knowledge and work from a very high level of personal practice. They teach with sincerity, integrity and humility and yet with a great sense of fun and joy. It has brought me to a new level and a deeper understanding of my own yoga practice – and it has given me the confidence to teach – with awareness that we are both body and spirit.
Jane, Argyll

‘Life-changing, challenging – so interesting and learned so much. June and Julie’s expertise and experience which they passed on, was invaluable and inspirational. Expert guest tutors were absolutely first-class. Quite simply I loved the course and would recommend it to anyone.
Irene, Perth

The past year has been a true journey – June and Julie are truly inspiring and the guest tutors just great. I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed CYS teacher training and I feel very privileged to have met my fellow students and been part of it.
Judi, Glasgow

Rob, London

‘The year flew in due to the great teaching and information that was given on the course. The support and encouragement was so good.
Glen, Glasgow

‘The course was both absorbing and challenging and, for me, life-changing. The tutors were very supportive and nurturing, ensuring a steady progression. A year well spent!’
Clara, Perth

‘It has been an amazing year, going from someone with a great interest in yoga to finding I have qualified as a yoga teacher. The course was interesting, challenging and ultimately fulfilling, giving a broad range of instruction and has certainly shown me a way forward.’
Ann, Perth

‘The CYS training is both a training for yoga and for life. The course inspired me and built my understanding and confidence to teach yoga.’
Anne, Perthshire

‘An exceptionally good yoga course. The standard of teaching and wealth of knowledge from June and Julie is first class. The quality of all the other specialist speakers was of a very high calibre. The overall course is fully comprehensive in both theory and practical aspects, enabling you to feel ready to teach yoga straight after the course. A life changing year!
Emma, Glasgow

‘Fantastic course covering a wide and varied selection of topics relating to yoga. Also includes some hugely informative and inspirational lectures from guest tutors; stimulating not only from a teaching perspective, but also in self practice.’
Janice, Glasgow

‘The course opened doors on subjects I knew little or nothing about, expanding my horizons. We are extremely well prepared to teach with all the practical elements. The support of June and Julie, as well as the support from the other students, is invaluable and does not stop at the end of the course. Hope it brings you as much as it did me.’
Alex, Glasgow

‘This is an excellent course for anyone who would like to teach yoga or further their knowledge in this area. It proved to not only be informative, but extremely inspiring.’
Jenny, Glasgow

‘A wonderful, life changing l2 months. The course has given me a strong, confident foundation from which to teach yoga. Truly inspirational teachers, especially June and Julie.’
Linda, Glasgow

‘The course was great. So many different aspects were covered. I learnt so much and now feel ready and prepared to share my knowledge with others.’
Philippa, Glasgow

‘The CYS Teacher Training Course provided me with the tools to reveal the strength, discipline and confidence to pass on the teaching to others and also to be content, happy and successful in all areas of life. June Mitchell and Julie Hanson were inspirational and the course was great fun from start to finish.’
Martin, Glasgow

‘I found the CYS Teacher Training an enlightening and enriching experience! The course was well structured, encompassing a wide range of topics which support and enhance the study of yoga. The visiting tutors were highly knowledgeable in their fields of expertise and presented interesting and thought-provoking workshops and lectures throughout the year. June and Julie’s teaching was inspired and inspiring. They led us on an exploration of the richness of the yoga tradition, a dynamic journey of spiritual enquiry and physical challenges which contributed greatly to our personal growth. I feel privileged to have been part of this first group of students and recommend the course wholeheartedly.’
Ilse, Perthshire

‘I have found the teacher training an amazing journey of learning and personal growth. I have especially enjoyed reading the ancient yoga teachings as they have helped me understand myself and others at a much deeper level, as well as giving me tools to deal with the ups and downs of life.’
Rachel, Perthshire

‘A varied and fascinating course that has certainly put me on the path.’
Fiona, Perthshire

‘More than ‘just a course’, June and Julie took a real interest in helping all the students, nurturing our emerging talents to help us develop into confident teachers. All that and it was fun too.’
Scott, Glasgow