Governing Body

CYS is an Independent Yoga School with a Governing Body of highly-respected and influential leaders in their respective fields of yoga and personal development. It is led by William Mowat Thomson, the Founder/Principal of the l970’s Edinburgh Scottish Yoga Centre and who, in the l960’s and 70’s, brought yoga to Scotland and created the country’s foundation of yoga teachers. William was June’s teacher and mentor and there is no-one whose yoga teaching and guidance of teachers has had such an impact in Scotland and whose demonstration of the joy and spiritual depth of yoga practice remains an inspiration today. It is a great privilege to have William on our Governing Body as we offer our best endeavours to bring through excellent yoga teachers for the 2lst century and gives CYS a lineage that is as highly valued as it is unique in the UK.   Paul Dallaghan, Founder/Director of Centered Yoga, Yoga Thailand and inspiring International Certified Ashtanga yoga teacher, Dr. Yvonne Fogarty, Cardiologist, Ninewells Hospital, Dundee and yoga practioner, Mary McPherson, leading Scottish complementary therapist and yoga teacher.

CYS Yoga Teacher Training is synonymous with the highest standards and is known as a centre for excellence in yoga teaching. Students coming out of the school with a CYS Yoga Alliance ( Certificate will be seen to represent the above standards and should expect to finalise their training confident, happy and ready to pass on their understanding and experience of yoga to their students.

Yoga is a lifetime’s study and this course should be seen as a sound foundation to build on while acquiring the wisdom to recognise new openings and pathways for learning as they occur over the years – which they will.