Course Tutors

<strong>June Mitchell</strong>
June MitchellPrincipal and Course Director
<b>Gareth Magee</b>
Gareth Magee Anatomy and Physiology applied to yoga
<b>Judi Farrell</b>
Judi FarrellYoganatomy - specialist tutor for anatomy teaching applied to yoga
<strong>Julia Woodham</strong>
Julia WoodhamAnatomy and Physiology applied to yoga
<strong>Ilse Lombard</strong>
Ilse LombardYoga philosophy
<b>James Boag</b>
James BoagYoga philosophy
<strong>Dale Spence</strong>
Dale SpencePranayama
<strong>Kamal Thapen</strong>
Kamal ThapenTai Chi and Qigong
<strong>John Connolly</strong>
John ConnollyTai Chi and Qigong
<b>Lorraine McConnon</b>
Lorraine McConnonIyengar Yoga Tutor
<strong>Dr. Jackie Chaplin</strong>
Dr. Jackie ChaplinNLP
<strong>Sara Wallace</strong>
Sara WallaceNLP
<strong>Mary McPherson</strong>
Mary McPhersonTuition in hands-on skills for adjusting
<strong>Trish Spence</strong>
Trish SpenceTuition in hands-on skills for adjusting
<strong>Jan Moffat Osband</strong>
Jan Moffat OsbandThe Alexander Technique
<strong>Kamal Thapen</strong>
Kamal ThapenThe Alexander Technique
<b>Rosie Tamkin</b>
Rosie TamkinNutrition
<strong>Catherine Broome</strong>
Catherine BroomeNutrition
<strong>Tony Young, Narad</strong>
Tony Young, NaradChakra work and chanting
AgracittaIyengar Yoga Tutor
<strong>Judi Farrell</strong>
Judi FarrellSenior Asana tutors
<strong>Jilly Walsh</strong>
Jilly WalshVinyasa Yoga Flow
<strong>Samantha Mills</strong>
Samantha MillsVinyasa Yoga Flow
<strong>Lynette Greenaway</strong>
Lynette GreenawayVinyasa Yoga Flow
<strong>Alex Woodward</strong>
Alex WoodwardMyers-Briggs Profiling

In addition, the weekend sessions are supported each month by 3 or 4 CYS teachers.